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SSC CGL, CPO and CHSL are top exams with Quantitative Aptitude as a compulsory section. This is a tougher subject that demands lot of practice and conceptual learning. The major topics of QA syllabus are Advance Mathematics, Mensuration and Algebra.  Most of the aspirants find QA to be challenging section while preparing for the topics related to it. Generally candidates join reputed SSC CGL Classes in Chandigarh or elsewhere to prepare well for mathematics and other subjects.

Besides all topics Advance mathematics takes much attention by the candidates for it being a vast and difficult topic. Advance mathematics  generally includes trigonometry, geometry, mensuration, and algebra.

Candidates should start with trigonometry first because it is the easiest of difficult mathematics. Then take up geometry, mensuration and algebra. This sequence will help you generate interest in the subject especially the difficult topics.

Now the next step is to buy a comprehensive study material for ADVANCE MATHEMATICS of some renowned publisher or author. Make sure that it covers all the topics listed in the latest syllabus of SSC CGL EXAM.

There are certain points to remember while doing ADVANCE MATHEMATICS TOPICS these are:


1.   Learn concepts with basics, after doing concept you can practice comfortable and fruitfully.


2.  Concentrate on the proof of every theorem in advance as it makes one perfect to remember the short tricks / formulae. Avoiding proofs may not get you the right way to attempt the question.

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